Introducing Karli & Jacques of designosaur


My names Karli and I’m a dinosaur…

Picture 402

Unfortunately not…

I’m a girl. A girl that is one half of designosaur. Jacques and I set up designosaur in February 2012. It all happened kind of organically, Jacques and I both studied Product Design, we were living and working in Brighton trying to find creative jobs that meant we didn’t have to move to London (we like the seaside, who doesn’t!). It worked and we have now been living in Brighton for 6 years!

karli and jacques japan

We opened out Etsy shop, joined twitter and tweeted Etsy about our new shop. That day we got 10,000 views through our shop. It was crazy and proves how important social media is to your business.


From that retweet we realised what a powerful community Etsy is. I became a leader in March 2013 and threw myself into planning the Global Etsy Craft Party and Mentor Month. It was so much fun and through the crafty community we have made so many new friends!

comp tight

I am now the Team Captain, and with a bunch of amazing new leaders I’m excited to do BIGGER BETTER and MORE AWESOME things with the team! YEAH!


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