Introducing Sarah of Rock Cakes

I’m Sarah Meredith aka Rock Cakes, i make jewellery using precious materials as well as laser cutting wood and acrylic. Etsy is at the heart of my business, it is the place that I showcase my work and where I sell it, i’d say i’m a little addicted to it.


I have a young daughter and wanted to keep her at home with me rather than send her to nursery, selling on Etsy has given me the freedom to work the hours that suit, whilst making global sales. It has helped my business to grow and allows me to be self-sufficient.


I attended the first “Hello Etsy” in Berlin which was a real eye opener and inspiration, it confirmed in my mind that having a small sustainable lifestyle is what i want and that selling online is the way to go. It also gave me confidence that I was heading in the right direction with my work and business.


I believe that with Etsy, as with anything, you get out what you put in. It takes skill to run a good Etsy shop. new comers to the site that i speak to are often concerned that their products will be lost but i find that the good stuff rises to the top. You need to stay active, have new original and quality products, fresh listings, good looking images and exciting text all help, along side an understanding of how Etsy works.


I wanted to be a Brighton Leader after taking part in the Etsy mentor month and really enjoyed helping other sellers which in turn inspired me and taught me new things. I also think that there is super strong work and creativity in this city and Etsy can help these people to make their businesses strong and of course to meet lovely, creative people…

Take a peek at Sarah’s shop here:


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