Introducing Adam of The Honeycomb Imaging

Picture 397

I’m a bit of a nerd, and a few years ago I wanted some gaming themed cufflinks to buy for a friend. I found Etsy, and searched and searched and searched. Shocked, nothing was available that I wanted at the price point I wanted to pay. The Honeycomb was born! I got searching and eventually emailed a guy with a laser machine and ended up with the idea of low cost laser etched accessories. Over these past 3-or-so years I’ve grown and learned, and moved to Brighton. It’s been a reasonably successful story with a healthy amount of Etsy sales. I’ve re-focused my shop to Game of Thrones items now since getting addicted to the books.

Picture 396
What was I thinking? An example of bad photography

All of my items are fairly easy and quick to make – meaning I had a lot of time to spend with getting great images of my products and realising how bad my first ones were! This cascaded and I ended up getting hooked with photography. Being involved with my Etsy shop with Brighton Etsy team and meeting both other sellers and people who sell at craft fairs, I started to realise a lot of people simply were too busy to spend time faffing about with getting perfectionist with their photos.

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And thus, Honeycomb Imaging was born! (As you can see I’m very imaginative with names). I began to cover craft events such as Makers Boutique and now offer product photography services in Brighton and Hove to small businesses. Selling on Etsy has become very competitive – I’ve seen my shop suffer – and really I’m now passionate about making sure sellers are as well equipped as they possibly can be in the fight for customers.

Your main image is the doorway to your store – make it count! People will spend a few seconds glancing over them all and you need to ensure you capture them in that brief window.

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